글로벌 링크

Leading 21st Century Sokcho City Council that Represents Citizens’ Voices

We will do our utmost to build the best municipal council by reflecting valuable opinions of citizens in our daily operations.

Budget Deliberation & Approval Process

Agenda Approval Process

  • Suggestion
    • To be submitted to the mayor;
      with the approval of at least 1/5 of registered council members
  • Decision-making
    • by a vote of more than half of the members present with the attendance of more than half of the registered council members
  • Transfer
    • To be sent out to the mayor within five days of the vote of the council
  • Promulgation
    • The mayor promulgates the ordinances within 20 days
    • Unless otherwise specified, the ordinances take effect from 20 days after the date of promulgation
  • Ordinances can be said as the laws of the city of Sokcho. Depending on the provisions therein, some ordinances restrict rights of citizens or impose obligations on citizens, while others are set to improve citizens’ welfare or lift burdens on citizens. Enacting those ordinances that restrict citizens’ rights, impose obligations or set penalties, however, requires the authority delegated by the national laws.
  • The municipalities can set a fine of up to KRW 10 million for violations of ordinances by an ordinance
    (Article 27 of the Local Autonomy Act).