글로벌 링크

Leading 21st Century Sokcho City Council that Represents Citizens’ Voices

We will do our utmost to build the best municipal council by reflecting valuable opinions of citizens in our daily operations.

Information on Admission

Types of Admission Tickets

  • Individual Admission Tickets
  • Group Admission Tickets : Group tickets are issued to the representative or the person in charge of an institute upon application byeducational institutes or other institutes for which the necessity of group admission is recognized.
  • Long-term Admission Tickets : To be issued to press staff or other office employees who have a particular need to audit the session by nature of their work.

Application and Issuance Process

  • Observers fill out their application forms including their addresses, names, jobs and ages and then receive tickets.
  • Group admission tickets will be issued to the representative or the person in charge.
  • The person who receives a long-term admission ticket can audit the council throughout the applicable session.

The Rules for Observers

  • An act of entering the conference hall
  • An act of wearing hats or jackets
  • An act of possessing or carrying items irrelevant to the meeting
  • An act of eating food, smoking, reading newspapers and other documents, etc.
  • An act of recording or videotaping the session without permission of the chairperson
  • An act of publicly advocating for or against certain opinions expressed at the session, or clapping
  • An act of obstructing the proceedings with phone ringing sound or other noises, etc.