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Leading 21st Century Sokcho City Council that Represents Citizens’ Voices

We will do our utmost to build the best municipal council by reflecting valuable opinions of citizens in our daily operations.

Chairman’s Greeting

Chairman of the Sokcho City Council    Jonghyeon-Choi

Chairman’s Greetings

Welcome to
the official website of
the Sokcho City Council.

Dear citizens of Sokcho!
Hello, this is Seonik Sin, the chair of the 8th Sokcho City Council in the second half.
Sokcho City Council first opened in 1991 with the rebirth of the local autonomy system and thanks to your continued support and encouragement over the years, we have been able to open the second half of the 8th Sokcho City Council.

Sokcho City Council which has strived to develop the city of Sokcho promises you that it will always think of the citizens first and that it will be a council that gives hope to people, a council with a common sense, a council that is trusted and a future-oriented council that offers vision and solutions.

We will always pay attention to even the smallest voices of the citizens and try our best to be open and encourage citizens’ engagement in our activities.

Please continue to give us your support as we build a brighter future for the city of Sokcho.

Thank you.

Chairman of the Sokcho City Council Seonik Sin