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We will do our utmost to build the best municipal council by reflecting valuable opinions of citizens in our daily operations.

Chairman’s Greeting

Chairman of the Sokcho City Council    Jonghyeon-Choi

Chairman’s Greetings

Welcome to
the official website of
the Sokcho City Council.

Dear residents of Sokcho City.
I am Myeong-gil Kim, chairman of Sokcho City Council and I’ve been elected after meeting each and everyone of your for 1200 hours over 100 days holding a slogan that says “A Man Who Open the Dawn of Sokcho” and learning so much about life from you. I want to thank you all the support you have shown me.

Sokcho is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation and although the city appears splendid from outside, the city actually needs to be invigorated and developed.
And to make this happen, we are going to develop and implement projects that are beneficial to the residents.
We will make sure all the benefits go to the residents.
We will give hope to the residents.
We will enhance welfare of the underprivileged groups.

We will empathize and actively communicate with the residents.
We will further develop Sokcho’s culture, arts and tourism industry.
For Sokcho to continue to be a prosperous city, a No.1 tourism city and a happy city, we must constantly try to develop Sokcho.
Today, the economy and tourism industry are changing at the speed of light.
We cannot be complacent.
To detect and adapt to changes and act quickly, the city needs a worker who is diligent and who has drive.

I have 25 hours a day.

I will be the force that drives Sokcho’s growth.
We wish you and your family good health and happiness.

Chairman of the Sokcho City Council