글로벌 링크

Leading 21st Century Sokcho City Council that Represents Citizens’ Voices

We will do our utmost to build the best municipal council by reflecting valuable opinions of citizens in our daily operations.

Responsibilities and Term

Responsibilities of City Council Members

  • The members of the local council shall fulfill their duties faithfully according to their conscience by putting the public interest first.
  • The members of the local council are obliged to maintain integrity and dignity.
  • The members of the local council shall not abuse their power to obtain property rights, monetary gains or certain positions or to enable others to obtain such gains by peddling influence on or in relation to contracts with local governments, public institutions, or private companies. In addition, they are not allowed to take certain positions that are defined in Article 35 of the Local Autonomy Act while they serve as the members of the city council.

Term of the City Council Members

  • The term of service of members of the city council is four years.
  • The term of members of the 8th Sokcho City Council starts on July 1, 2018 and expires on June 30, 2022.